4 Interactive Toys to Improve your Pet's Quality of Life

Dogs have been known as man’s best friend for centuries, not only because of the bond they have developed with their human friends but also due to their intelligence. But, despite all of your dog's smarts, they still need mental stimulation. An efficient way to train your dog is to treat them to food rewards when they do something right. This procedure stands as one of the best methods to trigger their mind to follow your commands. We have listed a few interactive pet toys treats to make your dog mentally active and happy:

The Hide and Seek Dog Treat

If you feel agitated by your dog’s barking habits, then a bark collar may be your saviour, but this should be a last resort. First, we suggest you try the hide and seek treat hack. For this, all you need to do is to hide dog treats for your pooches and when you are away - let them search for them. Frozen meat, treats, and chews can be great to use.  

Puzzle Your Dog

Puzzle interactive toys are usually stationary and raise a call for your dogs to solve a puzzle to treat themselves to their favourite food - pet food online. Puzzle tactics assist in your pups overall development and tap into their primal instincts. 

Balls Transformed Into a Treat

Lickimat wobble

Balls transforming into a treat? WHAT?! Yes, we are talking about the treat balls that can be used as an excellent tool to surprise your dogs with an unexpected little treat. These treat balls have holes pierced into them, which can be filled with dog treats. As soon as your pups start enjoying a play session with these balls and start to nibble them, these balls will emerge as a surprise package with your dog’s favourite munchies. You can also consider using a wobbler toy in place of treat balls to experience ease in refilling this surprise Pandora’s box.

Stuffed Chews

hemp peanut butter

Kong is a commonly used interactive toy that can be stuffed with your dog’s favourite delicacies. Whether it’s a dog biscuit, best dry dog food, snacks, or nutritious Hemp peanut butter; you can stuff almost anything in these chewable toys. So next time you feel guilty for leaving your furry pooch at home on their own, you can rest assured they will be happily entertained all on their own. 

Bottom Line:

There’s no doubt that interactive toy treats and dog food online enrich your cute little pooch’s life. Along with interactive treats, it’s crucial to keep up training sessions with your special friend. But ensure that you don’t burn them out by training them too hard or for too long. Burning them out, may make them uninterested in training and encourage them to act out or behave poorly. Training for dogs, should be a fun, enriching activity for you and for them! To chat with the Biggie’s Raw team, contact us today with any questions you may have about our treats or toys.