Everything You Need To Know About Raw Feeding

Treating your furry friend to raw, healthy meals is one of the best ways to provide your pup with all the nutrients their bodies need. If you are looking for ways to improve your dogs health, it is always ideal to start with healthy food choices. This way they can get a balanced diet, which is the cornerstone of a healthy gut. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about pet health, so we are here to clear up the confusion.

So what exactly do you need to know about raw feeding?


What is raw feeding?

Raw feeding provides your dogs with a diet which has raw foods like meat, raw bones along with vegetables. There are mainly two types of raw diets, homemade raw foods, and commercially prepared raw foods.

Will dogs like raw feeding?

Dogs are usually carnivorous. This means their natural diet should consist of meat and chicken. Dog owners need to understand that although these furry companions are kept as pets, they were, at first, not meant to be so. They are still animals - not humans. To maintain good health, they need to be fed like carnivores. Their diet should primarily consist of meaty options and a few vegetables. If you take a closer look at wild animals like foxes, wolves, etc, none of them gain weight or have any health issues.

To maintain good health, your carnivore friend needs to be fed a fresh meat-based diet. This is the backbone of Biggie’s Raw Pantry - keeping our special friends healthy and happy with quality, Australian made products.

Dogs digest their food based on two factors: the amount of food they can digest and the biological effectiveness of the natural ingredients. You should know that there are many ingredients present in canned foods or any commercially sold dog food brands that appear to contain all the right nutritional information, however they often cannot be digested by dogs properly. On the other hand, some dog food products can be digested easily enough but lack nutrition.

How to prepare raw food

One of the ways you can provide your furry friend with optimum dog food is by preserving fresh raw meat in the freezer and thawing it out and serving when needed. This way, you can help them eat fresh, raw nutritional food without any other artificial preservatives and flavours. But of course, this isn’t the most inexpensive or time-efficient way to keep your pups health up.

Alternatively, Biggie’s Raw Pantry can provide your furry friends with quality, Australian made raw materials specifically designed for dogs and to ensure these animals are receiving all the nutrients they need to remain happy and healthy. 

Contact us today to chat about our range of products. We can answer any nutritional questions you may have. We understand that your dog’s health is your priority, and that’s exactly what we aim to provide.