Treat Yo' Pups!

It is vital to provide your furry friends with a nutritional diet. Biggie's Raw Pantry has left no stone unturned to supply you and your fur babies some of the best pet treats on the market today. Just like humans, animals need a healthy, balanced diet to live a long and healthy life. In fact, animals need a specific combination of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. At Biggie’s, we have taken all of these factors into consideration. In the absence of sufficient nutrition, your pet may not be able to form and repair muscles, teeth, and bones. This can have detrimental effects on their quality of life and of course, their lifespan. But don’t stress, you can rely on Biggie’s Raw Pantry to keep your pet/s healthy and happy all day, every day! 


Coconut chicken jerky


At Biggie’s Raw Pantry we produce a vast variety of treats for your four-legged friends. When you repeat meals for your pet, it can cause boredom and leave them disinterested. If you are training your pet with treats, ensuring your dog is interested in them is vital. For this reason, Biggie’s offers various treats including our famous Coconut chicken, Hemp peanut butter and large range of Meal Toppers. The range between $10-$23. And of course, we wholesale our entire range at great prices.

Environment-friendly Toys

Soft dog waffle toy


You can also purchase P.L.A.Y’s eco-friendly plush toys for your pets from Biggie’s Raw Pantry as an added treat. Several toys in the range are designed to encourage your pet to be creative. Our current range includes: Buddy Mary, Benny’s Eggs, Avo-doggo Toast, Chicken Woofles, Graduation Cap and Cert and more. Currently, the top-selling toys are the Lens Licker Camera (sold out) and Muttscato. 



Collection of lickimat dog toys

Believe it or not but our pets can get just as bored as we can from time to time. Our Enrichment range is designed to keep your furry friend entertained in times of need. Our Enrichment range include: Lickimat Splash, Lickimat Wobble, Lickimat Slomo, Hemp Peanut Butter, Slow Feeders, and more. Add a fan favourite boredom buster to your pup’s treat order today!

Gift Boxes

Collection of dog treats

Gift boxes are also available at Biggie's Raw Pantry… I know, what don’t we have?! You can purchase our Birthday Boxes, Christmas Boxes and Snack Packs (grazing boxes) from our website. The perfect present for any occasion for your special furriend awaits!


Enhance your pets health, well-being, and quality life by switching to a more nutritional food alternative. Contact us today to learn more about our products.